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Please help our Minyan

Please help our Minyan, It Needs Your Attendance Now!

Please help our Minyan, It Needs Your Attendance Now!

We need your help to support the weekday services to make a Minyan on Sunday, Monday,Tuesday (when there is no SEED programme), Wednesday and Thursday.

We are launching a new initiative starting on 2nd November with the objective of ensuring that there is a Minyan for every evening of the week. Recognising the some of the problems with the weekday evening services we have made a number of changes as follows;

  1. Making sure that the services both start and finish promptly so that members only spend the necessary time attending the services.
  2. Fixing the starting time at 6.30pm, for the Sunday evening service throughout the winter months. A decision as to the start time for the summer months will be considered and taken before Pesach.
  3. No weekday evening activities (except when it is not otherwise feasible to comply) to start before 8.15pm in the winter and 8.30pm in the summer.

We would like to thank you in advance for your help and support.